Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Grand Forks groups see potential

Grand Forks groups see potential, weigh options in 42nd corridor plans 

The arts corridor was envisioned by Mike Kuntz, principal architect of Icon Architects in Grand Forks. Through his work, Kuntz said, he's traveled to different cities that have public art projects, which inspired him to look at public art options in Grand Forks."42nd is a fairly clean palate, so as a developer or architect you just kind of dream of what that could be," Kuntz said.And being right by Interstate 29 would give a lot of visibility to the proposed tall, illuminated sculptures between DeMers Avenue and 32nd Avenue South, drawing people to Grand Forks, Kuntz said. "It's a great opportunity."Kuntz brought the idea to Kristi Mishler,wholesale cheap Oakley Grade AAA Sunglasses sale from homepage. executive director of the Community Foundation. Although the sculptures seem ambitious, Kuntz and Mishler agreed that they're possible.The Community Foundation gathered some initial funds, including a $50,000 match grant from the Knight Foundation. 

The city has $150,000 in beautification funds reserved, but that money has yet to be released to the project,Isuzu Auto Parts pending a memorandum of understanding requLululemon Women's Pantsested by the City Council Finance/Development Committee.City staff, Mishler, Jacobs, Kuntz and Barry Wilfahrt, president and CEO of the Chamber of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks, are working on the MOU, said Greg Hoover,paper honeycomb director of Urban Development. When finished, the MOU should outline the city's role in the public-private partnership and should answer questions like: Who will own this public art? What entity will pay for maintaining the sculptures? 

"I think structure of ownership is the key question," Mishler said.Nike Air Max It's likely a new nonprofit would be created to own and maintain the public art, she said.City Council members have said they worry the responsibility and cost of maintaining the arts corridor will eventually fall on the city and the public's tax dollars.Hal Gershman, City Council president, said he likes the public art idea if it's executed in a way that's "dramatic," but he hopes the MOU will require a private endowment for maintaining the art, "so that the future costs never fall back on the public."

Exports of motorbikes

Exports of motorbikes and autorickshaws account for more than a third of Bajaj's sales. The"pany counts Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd , TVS Motor Company Ltd and Italy's Piaggio as"petitors in the three-wheeler segment.SAFER, BUT NOT CHEAPERThe RE60 weighs 400 kilograms ,Authentic Replica LV Monogram Empreinte about 100 kg more than Bajaj's smallest autorickshaw and half as much as a small hatchback.Our store can offer buy Dsquared Long Sleeve T-Shirts, welcome choose! The engine, which can run on gasoline or"pressed natural gas,louis vuitton men handbags prices goes up to 70 kilometers per hour.The vehicle is likely to be priced between an autorickshaw and a small car. Analysts expect the RE60 to cost 200,000 rupees , more than the roughly 150,000 rupees for the most basic Bajaj three-wheeler but less than the 270,000 rupees for India's bestselling car, the Maruti Alto hatchback. 

Bajaj spent 5.5 billion rupees developing the vehicle, according to media reports. The"pany can initially make up to 5,000 vehicles a month and has been waiting for two years to get them on India's roads.The federal government is expected to allow quadricycles from October 1.Bajaj hopes the quadricycles will catch on in countries where three-wheelers are widespread, and has sent samples for test runs in Sri Lanka, Colombia and Kenya. Managing director Bajaj, however, declined to give any sales forecasts.Analysts said quadricycles are likely to have broader appeal than the autorickshaws. 

"Specifically, in cities in the next three to four years it could replace the three-wheeler, primarily because it provides better safety, as well as"fort as well as better fuel efficiency when"pared to three-wheelers," said Nitesh Sharma, an analyst with brokerage Espirito Santo ralph lauren polo shirtsIt is well known among teachers that for any new curricula, such as the Common Core, to be truly worthwhile, there must be superb training and excellent resources. I do wonder, however, why supporters of the Common Core and Education Department officials say "the standards emphasize critical thinking and analytical skills, as opposed to rote learning." If you talk to experienced teachers,Authentic Replica lv damier canvas handbags you will discover that before No Child Left Behind there was already a lot of creative teaching going on that included hands-on lessons requiring higher-level thinking and analytical skills.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Thailand Has Reached Political Fork in the Road

For too long the city of Bangkok has floated in a kind of First World wealth – replete with sky trains, high rises,Lululemon Women's PantsWholesale Lingerie Sexy Lingerie luxury condos and marbled mega malls – while its rural populace stayed stilted in the mud of Third World poverty. Perhaps the greatest fiction The Land of a Thousand Smiles has managed to tell itself and the rest of the world is that it is a bona fide democracy. But behind that infamous smile is an ancient feudal system that was built on the roan backs of peasants for a millennium.That system relied on the lower class's continual servitude and, in some way, their acceptance of a deeply embedded caste system in which reverence for the king, who is accorded god-like status, carried over to reverence for anyone occupying a higher social strata. The caste and status consciousness, as construed by a simplified if misunderstood religious idea in which past karmic debts sent one to a permanent level of society, is so deeply ingrained that it is reflected in the Thai language itself. 

However, that old superior-inferior fiction is eroding and eroding fast. In the last decade or so, what was once remote and rural has been integrated with the rest of the world, thanks in large part to the distribution of electricity to even the most remote areas – provided from sparsely populated Laos next door with its mega hydroeleIsuzu Auto Partsctric dams – which brought TV, radio,Authentic Replica lv monogram vernis handbags Internet and the cheap and ubiquitous cell phones, information being the true form of democracy. Those who once lived in isolated thatched huts are thus now highly aware of the wide urban-rural gap, and possess a deep and growing sense of injustice. 

What Thaksin and his political party,Nike Air Max Pheu Thai, gave the long suffering rural population was a sense of upward mobility, and a vision of shared governance. Critics point out that this has been done at the expense of tax paying middle class Thais. The party's rice-subsidizing scheme, they say, is not sustainable, and in fact, has turned some farmers against the government, which hasn't been able to'e up with all the money to pay them as promised.But it is also certain that with a majority of the rural poor politically awakened, the Democrat Party needs to deal with their long grievances rather than merely plotting protests and coups. "As long as it insists that losers in democratic elections are under no obligation to accept the results," warns an editorial in the Economist, "Thailand will slide downhill."

Threadless is making Nickelodeon shirts now

Real Monsters, Hey Arnold!, Rocko's Modern Life, The Ren & Stimpy Show, and The Adventures Of Pete And Pete—though fans interested in creating something related to the latter are not permitted to use "any actor likeness,Tissue Paper Honeycomb Ball" making that "Don't Give Up Hope" Artie shirt a little harder to achieve.The contest runs through Feb. 27, and winning designers will pull in not only cash and Threadless gift certificates, but also "a chance to choose an episode to air on TeenNick's Mixtape Monday," and—and this is the big one—"A Nickelodeon prize pack including original animation cels and other swag."So far, there are about 115 designs up for voting on Threadless' site. Images from some of our favorites are below, though the shirt we really want—an exact facsimile of Artie's long john top from Pete And Pete—doesn't seem to exist yet. 

Now that the Syracuse University basketball team did indeed "Beat Duke," there is a new T-shirt for SU fans to grab to celebrate their eam.Local T-shirt maker Holy Shirt!, which made the popular "Beat Duke" T-shirts sold before the Syracuse-Duke game, is releasing a "Always #1" T-shirt for Syracuse basketball fans today.The release of the new shirt coincides with Syracuse claiming the top spot in the Associated Press and USA Today basketball polls on Monday.The "Always #1" T-shirts will be available at the following locations: Herb Philipsons, Cooperstown Connection at Destiny USA, Galaxy of Stars at Shoppingtown, select Nice n Easy shops and on the SU Hill at the Syracuse University Bookstore in the Schine Student Center. 

Holy Shirt! has made popular SU-related T-shirts in the past, including the "marathon men" T-shirts sold after Syracuse's six overtime win over Connecticut in the 2009 Big East Tournament.He doesn't figure to get a, uh,T-Shirts Hoodies ringing endorsement from the organizing'mittee in Sochi, but a New York ad agency designer appears to be first out of the gate when it'es to poking some fun at Friday's major malfunction.When one of the five rings did not illuminate as planned during the Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday,Buy cheap Coach Grade Sunglasses, Custom Fit Stripe Shirt and more. the proverbial light bulb clicked on over Michael Miller's head.Miller quickly designed a T-shirt to'memorate the It sells for $22.95,Honeycomb Tissue Ball of which Miller only expects to book a profit of $1.50. He did say on Twitter, however, that he is looking for a worthwhile charity to benefit from whatever cash he's able to generate.

Nearly $2.07 million approved for six claimants in Lower North Fork fire

Euphoria overwhelmed his senses when he saw that he had won."It's the greatest feeling in the world," said Okelberry, adding that he's already looking forward to defending his title next year as a senior. "Seeing everyone in the other lanes super close to me and then looking up and seeing I barely out-touched them is probably the greatest feeling ever. … It's nice having that feeling of a'plishment."The Colorado legislature this week appropriated nearly $2.07 million in'pensation for five property owners and a utility'pany affected by the Lower North Fork fire.This brings the total paid by the state to $4.9 million among 16 claimants.The March 22, 2012,wholesale Coach Grade Sunglasses sale from homepage. controlled burn that became the Lower North Fork fire, which killed three people, was set by the Colorado State Forest Service doing watershed-protection work on land owned by Denver Water in the Jefferson County foothills near Conifer. The blaze destroyed 24 buildings and burned 4,140 acres. 

Twenty-nine other landowners are in the process of seeking'pensation from the state for their losses in the wildfire.Deputy Attorney General Vince Morscher said the State Claims Board, which hears claims and forwards payment r'mendations to the legislature, is'mitted to considering settlements for claimants who wish to resolve claims expeditiously."We want persons with viable claims to be'pensated for their losses and be able to move on with their lives," Morscher said.At a recent rally here denouncing the caretaker government of Yingluck Shinawatra and her Pheu Thai party, Nga Nguyen,tissue ball a Vietnamese tourist,Paper Tissue Honeycomb Balls looked down from the overpass of the Asok train station at thousands of protesOur store can offer buy Dsquared Long Sleeve T-Shirts, welcome choose!ters and shook her head. "Vietnam has no democracy, and Thailand is throwing it away," she said. "It makes you wonder if it's a real democracy at all." 

It's a fair question to ask, given the ongoing political crisis Thailand finds itself in. Ever since the military coup of 2006 that ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, Thailand had been sailing in uncharted waters. Though a divisive figure in Thai politics, Thaksin was democratically elected in 2001. He won re-election by a landslide with the highest voter turnout in Thai history, in 2005. A populist and a multi-billionaire, he'd done more for the rural population than all his predecessors'bined, introducing effective policies to alleviate rural poverty by half in only four years, and, equally enticing, implementing universal health care.

Fatally Stabbed Friend After Arguing About a Jacket

An argument about a jacket ended in a man's fatal stabbing inside an Englewood senior living home on Valentine's Day, prosecutors said.paper ballsRoosevelt Shaffer, 72, was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Raymond Robinson, 69.Prosecutors said the stabbing happened in the 900 block of West 63rd Parkway at Bethel Terrace, a senior living home where the friends both lived.About 10:10 a.m. on Friday, Shaffer went to Robinson's room to get his jacket back, Assistant State's Attorney Jacqueline Kwilos said.The two got into an argument about the coat in the hallway outside Robinson's room, Kwilos said.Then, Shaffer grabbed his jacket from Robinson and stabbed his friend in the upper chest with a boning kitchen knife, according to Kwilos. 

A witness saw the two standing near the elevator with the Robinson holding onto a hand rail, Kwilos said.Robinson asked the witness to call an ambulance. He was taken to Stroger Hospital and pronounced dead at 10:56 a.m., according to the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office.A boning knife was found in Shaffer's sink, and he made "admissions" to authorities, according to Kwilos.Each achievement is represented in a patch that is placed in the 'W,' which stands for West, on the front of the jacket. Kobe's patches are overflowing to the point where the 'W' is almost illegible.Not only does it include his five NBA Championship Titles, two NBA Finals MVP's and one league MVP but he also has a special patch for winning the 1997 Slam Dunk Competition. He's played in 16 All Star games and been crowned All Star MVP four times. Bryant was also named scoring champion in back-to-back seasons, 2005-2006 and 2006-2007. 

However, Kobe is not the only one with an extremely decorated jacket. As many may have already expected,wholesale Dsquared Long Sleeve T-Shirts sale from homepage. Lebron James' jacket is filled with achievement patches as well. Kobe is leading in NBA Championships with five to Lebron's two and both are tied with two Finals MVPs.wholesale Coach Grade Sunglasses sale from homepage.honeycomb paper ball  James' jacket also includes two All Star MVP's in 10 apperances, four league MVP's and one scoring champion from the 2007-2008 season.Kotsenburg, who is now fighting the kind of cold that'es mostly from exhaustion, bites down on his gold medal for a photo and laughed. He explained it's probably part of the reason he's feeling unwell."This thing is so disgusting," he said of the medal. "So many people have put their mitts on it."