Thursday, March 29, 2012

21st Century Performance, Requires 21st Century Facilities

As vehicles evolve, working on them becomes more and more complicated. Having the right equipment and setup makes the difference between your "local garage" and the speed shop that knows what it takes. Modern Muscle invests in their 10,000 sq ft facility to ensure they can do the job right.
Some of the features include an engine assembly room, 2000hp Dynojet chassis dyno, tuning area, nitrous fill station, fabrication area (with tubing benders, welders, blasting station, parts washer, etc) pallet racking system for parts, 8 stalls with 5 lifts and much more.
"Today's cars offer a lot of performance and taking them to the next level isn't just a matter of throwing parts on and calling it good," says Justin Meyers, Vice President of Modern Muscle. "Yeah, 10 or 20 years ago, that was what most places could do and it worked ok. But today's cars are not only highly controlled but they are, also, highly regulated. Having the right equipment makes the difference between high warranty rates and quality work," continues Meyers.
When custom work is required, not only is the fabrication area available, but their CNC mill makes short work of most custom parts. Having "in house" machining capability ensures not only quality parts that look good, but with an "in house" mechanical engineer ensure they are designed properly and will work right.
That's right, Modern Muscle not only invests in their equipment, but in their employees to ensure that quality takes top priority and their experience ensure they meet the goals outlined upfront with any build.

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