Monday, July 9, 2012

Gammaflux introduces new G24 hot runner temperature control system

Designed for use on injection moulding applications, the G24 hot runner temperature control system is also suitable for applications such as controlling thermoforming, blow moulding and extrusion.

The G24 system combines the best attributes of existing LEC and TTC hot runner temperature controls including the Triangulated Control Technology for sensing, controlling and actuating.

Key features of G24 hot runner temperature control system:

    User-friendly operation with minimal operator training required
    Programmable to automatically operate according to industry’s best practices
    Leverages the global electronics supply chain and uses fewer components to reduce cost
    48% smaller footprint than the TTC product line
    Each control module has a 15 amp per zone rating, and up to 24 zones can be placed in a single control block
    Uses an industrial USB connectivity for a 0.1 second screen update rate
    On-screen interlock signal inversion and manual testing signals prevent bad parts from being produced
    plastic injection mould makerMould Doctor automated mould troubleshooting system diagnoses elusive problems with quantitative thermodynamic zone performance
   plastic injection mould maker Early material/ plastics leak detection with alarm alerting the user immediately to reduce downtime

Gammaflux specialises in the production of hot runner controls for the plastic injection moulding industry.

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