Saturday, June 8, 2013

DIY Bathroom Towel Hooks and Racks

Visit your local Goodwill or consignment shop for vintage door knobs. If you do not like the finish or color, then paint the doorknobs to the desired look. Attach to the wall in the bathroom in a straight line for a clean feel or in an irregular pattern for an artistic design.Wallpapers and textures can be also used to design walls and flooring of your Clawfoot tub faucets if you are using vintage style for bathroom remodeling New York.Go outside with your kids on an adventure and find thick sticks that have a strong branch coming from it. Break off or cut the branch carefully leaving enough room to function as a hook. Construct a box frame or find one at a local store and cut the sticks the proper length to fit inside. Great for an organic or natural styled bathroom, the bark will stand out when people go to grab a towel.Next time you go to the beach or a boardwalk with the family, make a stop into the local little shops. There are always fun knick knacks that you can use as interesting decoration pieces. For example, the anchors and whale tails seen in the picture work as a great towel hook, especially for a sea or nautical themed bathroom.The gamut uses of these chemical compounds prevail to expand and variants of carbon sheet are consistently being developed to fit the requirements of industries and products they are utilized in.Next time you go to a garden store look at the smooth or polished medium sized rocks for a unique take on a towel hook. It is simple to drill a hole into one side of the rock to slip a small rod in and place the other end in a wood block. The result is a calm modern towel hook that works great with a spa or nature styled bathroom.In the current market scene, these prepreg are bought and sold in most local hardware shops and are utilized as coatings for floors or binder in counter tops.For a simple but very pretty design to incorporate towel hooks on the wall, paint a tree in any design. 

If you are not as confident with painting your own design then find a decal cheap on Amazon or at a Pier 1 store. After the paint dries, apply wood pegs to create an illusioVintage style remodeling Clawfoot tubs items are widely available in market these days which makes it possible for us to design interior of bathroom with same style.n of branches coming out from the wall. The pegs will serve as an artistic touch to the beautiful tree and also as a hook for a towel.Repurpose a wine rack as an organized way to store towels and display them nicely. Fold them in a circle and place them on the rack just as you would a bottle of wine. When people need to use a towel, they will not have to search in the cabinets trying to find one, they just need to grab it right off the wall.A design most people do not think of right away but is very clever and simple to recreate. Find a nice strong rope to hang as the towel bar. Find hooks that are wide and strong enough to hold a towel in place. Attach the hooks evenly against the wall at the same height with enough room between each one to let the towel hang slightly. Tie a large knot at one end of the rope and place on the last hook. Then string the rope gently across.The substance utilized in making the vacuum bottle or thermal flasks could be in different variations like plastic, glass or even a metal. Before cutting the rope, tie the knot for the other end. Then cut the rope to ensure it is the proper length. A great and simple statement piece for a nautical theme bathroom, that everyone will be impressed with.Go to your backyard and find a strong stick to serve as a towel bar. To make it look nicer, strip the bark and smooth the sides by using sand paper. Cut the ends smoothly to the desired size. Find door stoppers at a home improvement store and attach two to the wall at the same height. Attach the stick on top of the door stoppers. Now you are left with an elegant and regal towel bar made from a stick in your backyard.

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