Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nokia unveils final trimming plan, 1120 posts affected

Finnish cell phone giant Nokia on Thursday announced its plan to further cut 300 IT jobs and transfer another 820 employees to its service partners. 

The decision was made in a staff meeting at Nokia's headquarters in Espoo, Finland, and Nokia IT personnel in other cities of Finland, Beijing, Chennai, London and Singapore were invited to attend the video meeting. 

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The announcement on Thursday was said to be the end of its overall plan. 

"Due to a positive prospect, Nokia cuts 300 jobs, which is 700 less than expected," a commentator said in the local radio. Similar remarks were also found in Finnish newspapers. 

But the Finnish public showed a rather negative attitude towards the plan and did not believe Nokia would stop cutting jobs, as the majority of the affected employees were based in Finland. 

"It is good news for Nokia but bad news for Finland, as it is not good for the economy to recover," he said on condition of anonymity. 

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Nokia is a global leader in communication technologies and used to be a dominator in the international mobile phone market. Challenged by rivals like Apple and Samsung, it has been struggling for survival by releasing the series of Lumia smart phone.

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