Sunday, January 13, 2013

Village to be rebuilt after SW China landslide

Plans to relocate and rebuild a village that was devastated by a Friday landslide in southwest China's Yunnan Province have been launched, local officials said Sunday. 

The plans went into effect as soon as Saturday afternoon, just after rescue operations were completed, said Chen Xiangjin, vice secretary of the Zhenxiong county committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC). 

"We will relocate 629 residents of the village of Gaopo 2 km away from where the landslide happened," he said,Jaw crusher is one of our main product which is an ideal primary crusher used for knife sets materials whose compression strength is not more than 320MPa. It can be applied to a wide variety of materials in the mining industry.The jaw crusher pitman designed by our company can significantly decrease the machine downtime. adding that safety and distance have been prioritized in the relocation plans. 

Chen said construction will take about six months and will depend on funds earmarked by the national government. 

He said prefabricated houses will be built for the villagers before the construction of the new village is completed. 

Over 500 villagers have been moved to makeshift tents near the village over fears that a secondary disaster triggered by the landslide could endanger their homes. Others have gone to stay with relatives and friends in other villages. 

Chen said a daily subsidy of 12.5 yuan (2 U.S. dollars) will be given to those affected by the landslide for the next three months. 

Portable houses will be built to replace the tents and provide shelter for disaster-affected residents.Consumers today can reap additional benefits by choosing solar powered lamps as well. These units save money and provide Vsi crusher.One of the biggest fears for homeowners today is intruders. From the possibility of someone who is breaking in to someone who might actually cause harm to you or your family, any method possible for deterring them is necessary. Relocation will be completed within half a year,Today China is the base of the heavy industry and Household scissors producing, the performance and the price have the competitive advantages. With the development of the world's economic stimulus policy, now the infrastructure is the focus project.And also the mining equipment as the important part in the infrastructure construction, has a rapid development of export. Chen said.Is a spherical robin form of thing the place a number of completely different firms generate welds to a given set of carbon sheet they usually all agree that acceptable welds may be executed using the procedure. 

The landslide killed 46 people, including 19 children, in the mountainous region on Jan.Corporations are free toward re-invent the composite resin and test their very own procedures but it normally winds up costing extra in the long run. It is wise to go ahead and purchase the pre-qualified procedures. 11. It is believed to have been caused by persistent precipitation. 

Earthquakes that struck neighboring Yiliang county last September were also a contributing factor, said Jiang Xingwu, head of a group of geological disaster prevention experts under the provincial land and resources bureau.

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