Thursday, February 28, 2013

Philippine liquidity expands 10.8 pct in Jan.

Demand for money in the Philippines expanded 10.8 percent on year to 5.2 trillion pesos (127.Visit the Best Price Auto Accessories wholesalers Secure online store for the best prices on car accessories, car covers.76 billion U.S. dollars) in January, the local central bank said Thursday.carbon sheets are distinguished by a significantly higher tensile strength. 

"The sustained expansion in domestic liquidity indicates that previous policy actions to help support non-inflationary economic growth continue to work their way through the economy," the central bank said in a statement.MVP-type Stone crusher structure is significantly different from traditional cone crusher. The biggest difference is: MVP-type use rolling bearings instead of the traditional sleeve and sphere tile. 

The central bank slashed policy rates by an aggregate of 100 basis points last year. 

On a monthly basis, seasonally-adjusted domestic liquidity or M3 increased by 1.knife sets3 percent. 

Money supply grew by 23.3 percent on year on back of growth in net domestic assets (NDA) following the sustained increase in credits to the private sector and robust bank lending activity. 

Net foreign assets (NFA) decreased by 1.7 percent on year. While the central bank's NFA position increased by 4.Chefs Kitchen Knives5 percent, supported by steady foreign exchange inflows from overseas remittances, portfolio investments, and receipts from the outsourcing industry, the NFA of banks continued to contract. This is due to the sustained increase in their foreign liabilities.

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