Monday, April 1, 2013

Teasing to make the machines mad

You check yourself out at the supermarket, you check yourself in at the airport. It's your responsibility to keep your myki card topped up because there's no one to sell you a ticket.Excavators feature the widest range of Used excavator and agricultural functionality when compared to any other piece of mobile industrial equipment.Multi-level car parking is self-serve. Banking is largely automated or online. Buying a ticket to a concert is usually done at home on the net.As with most technological changes, there are upsides and downsides.One upside is that it relieves workers from mundane jobs. Who would want to sit all day in a booth at a carpark or behind a glass shield at a train station?But then again, what are all these people going to do once their jobs are redundant?Not everybody can be a celebrity chef or an Australian Idol (although it seems almost everyone can).
Another downside is the reduction in human contact. Shopping used to involve interaction with other homo sapiens. Now it involves punching in numbers on a phone or keyboard or talking to one of those voice recognition machines that don't seem to recognise any of the known languages.They're fun to play with, those machines. I like teasing them."How many tickets would you like, sir?""An elegant sufficiency."I bought some airline tickets the other day and I teased the machine until it transferred me to a human who wanted to book me on a flight out of Melbourne, NSW.Maybe I should have stuck with the voice machine.My first automated shopping experience was many years ago in Perth. The Coca-Cola company installed talking vending machines and they were heaps of fun to tease.
If you put in slightly less than the amount required, the machine would wait a few moments, then say: "Sorry, you need to insert more money."If you waited a bit longer, it would say it again. And again. And, I swear, it sounded like the machine got angrier every time.By the end, it was almost shouting,From simple rooms with showers, they become more elaborate set-up that include modern Clawfoot tubs styles and needs of family. Therefore, 1900s style bathrooms still attract many people these days. then it would spit out your money with a rattle of disdain.It was pointless and stupid of me,Vintage style remodeling Antique bath fixtures items are widely available in market these days which makes it possible for us to design interior of bathroom with same style. I know, but we are talking about Perth. You have to make your own fun over there.There are some tasks that I hope never become do-it-yourself.Rubbish collection, animal slaughter, sewerage maintenance.That's someone else's job and I will happily pay them whatever they want. Here's an open cheque.But automation is the way to go. On the subject of rubbish collection, the garbos must praise the Lord every day for their modern trucks that grab the bins with those robot arms.

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