Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My focus is not to get injured: Bolt

World record holder Usain bolt said Saturday his current focus was not only winning medals but also to avoid injuries in preparations for the 2016 Olympics.The Jamaican sprinter completed his 200m world title hat-trick as he took an easy win with a world leading of 19.Wholesale Lingerie Sexy Lingerie66 seconds at the 2013 IAAF World Championships here.The lead was so overwhelming for the Jamaican that he even did not need to dash to his fastest in the last 10 meters.Asked by a reporter in the press conference following the race why he slowed down in the last few meters, Bolt admitted he "wasn't too stressful" in the last 50 meters as he checked his left, and found "there no one there."Though always trying to run as fast as possible, Bolt said he got tired easily after years of running. Thus, it is a challenge to balance between medals and muscles, he noted.When runs fast for titles, the worst thing could happen to a sprinter is to get injured; when slows down,Forklift forks others will catch him up, the 26-year-old noted, adding he eyes for the 2016 Olympics and the focus of his next season is "not to get injured."For the same reason, he scrapped the long jump plan after careful consultations with his coach. "I've talked about long jump with my coach. I was planning that I would try it either this season or next season but we decided that I'm not going to do long jump," he said. 

"I don' t want to get knee problems or any injury because one of my biggest goals is to go to the Olympics in Rio (de Janeiro in 2016) and dominate and try to regain my titles, so I have to be focused and I can't mess around and get injured by doing long jump.Sexy Lingerie Factory"After winning Olympic double-triple of 100m,kadifashion 200m and 4x100m relay gold in Beijing and London,nike shox shoes Bolt made it clear he didn't want to be merely a flash of lightning but a long-lasting shinning star.On his way to the 2016 summer games, Bolt vowed to be "continuing to pile on the gold medals as much as I can, trying to stay undefeated in the championships."Bolt bettered his own world leading time of 19.73 set in Paris early last month, although his winning time of 19.66 was well shy of his 19.19s world record set at the Berlin World Championships four years ago.

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