Friday, October 11, 2013

Alleged match-fixing ring leader believed to have been detained in Singapore

An alleged match-fixing ring leader is believed to be among four persons that Singapore's Ministry of Home Affairs said have been held on detention order.The ministry said in a statement on Wednesday that the minister of home affairs has issued detention orders for the four persons "for their involvement in global football match-fixing."A fifth suspect was issued a police supervision order.The ministry said it was not able to name the four persons detained. Local daily Straits Times said they are believed to include Dan Tan Seet Eng,Wholesale Bags cheap Bags the suspected leader of a football match-fixing syndicate behind a series of match fixing crimes.Buy Cheap Ralph Lauren Women's SkirtsTan, a 48-year-old businessman,Wheel forks suppliers was wanted by the Italian police and has been assisting the authorities with investigation. Media reports said that Tan was fingered in 2011 by Wilson Raj Perumal, 46, a Singaporean convicted and jailed in Finland for match-fixing.All the five were among 14 suspects arrested on suspicion of being part of a global football match-fixing operation, during a raid conducted by the police and anti-graft officers on Sept. 17. 

Nine of the suspects, believed to include Tan's wife, were released on bail and are being investigated for corruption.Singapore's Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act allows the executive branch of the government to issue detention orders to have suspected criminals detained without trial.Buy Cheap Abercrombie Men's Jeans It has largely been a last resort when a serious crime has been committed and a court prosecution is not possible because witnesses are unwilling or afraid to testify in court. It is mostly used in cases relating to secret societies, drug trafficking and loansharking.The detention orders will be referred to a Criminal Law Advisory Committee within the next 28 days. This is an independent committee comprising former judges and experienced lawyers.Wholesale Purses cheap PursesThe persons issued with the detention orders will be informed of the grounds of detention. They will appear before the Advisory Committee and may be legally represented at the hearing.The committee will then submit to the President a written report on the making of the orders and its recommendations, and the President will consider the report and may, acting on the advice of cabinet, cancel, confirm or vary the order.Singapore authorities have recently refuted comments that they are not doing enough to combat match fixing, saying that they have been cooperating with the Interpol and have played an important role in international efforts to combat match fixing.

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