Sunday, October 7, 2012

EDM machining the smart Solution for machining Hardened Materials

Higher levels of Quality combined with outstanding service is key to succeeding in the manufacturing engineering industries in AustraliaThe team at ALNO Product Services offers a complete EDM Machining service,prepreg EDM - Electronic Discharge Machining opens doors to a range of machining solutions across industries. EDM machining allows metals to be cut with high accuracy,carbon sheet especially those with extreme hardness and complicated geometry, or those components where general machine tools make it impossible to machine using traditional methods.EDM provides a single and accurate solution for very small components that are usually difficult to machine in general practi    ces/machines. Die sinking reproduces, in a metallic workpiece, carbon sheetsthe shape of a tool called electrode. Injection molds for plastic parts are very frequently machined by die sinking.The shape given to the electrode is that of the object that is going to be molded. In the machining area,carbon fabric each discharge creates a crater in the workpiece - material removal and an impact on the tool - wear of the tool/electrode.There is never any mechanical contact between the electrode and workpiece. The team at Alno Product Services manufacture electrodes from copper or graphite.

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