Monday, October 22, 2012

Solar PV industry eyes up to 25% power share in 2030

There are no technical barriers to the large-scale integration of solar power into the electricity grid in Europe over the long term, says a report by the European Photovoltaic Industry Association.China CC Composite Support Ring Manufacturers

The EPIA report, released Wednesday (17 October), predicted photovoltaics would account for 15% Europe’s electricity production by 2030, or 25% “under a paradigm shift scenario”.

But the industry has had to deflect claims it cannot support peaks and troughs in both electricity demand and production, and that it is overly reliant on the estimated €60 billion in annual subsidies.

Philippe Vermeulen, general manager at energy investors EnerVest Belgium, told EurActiv that the varying subsidy systems in different countries was the main obstacle towards a competitive PV market.

He said these were a “disaster for investment strategy and market confidence”.

The market for solar energy had encountered significant difficulties with manyrenewables firms declaring bankruptcy due to overcapacity, a resultant drop in prices,China CC Composite Upper Cover Manufacturers and a fall in government subsidies.

Tom Howes, deputy head of unit for renewables at the European Commission, said some in the industry had been calling for an approach to renewable energy based on “where the sun shines and the wind blows”, proposing to put PV only in the south of Europe and wind farms in the North.

But EPIA Policy Director Frauke Thies said this was not proving to be the most efficient approach.China CC Composite Crucible Integral Type Manufacturers

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