Sunday, October 28, 2012

Energy Authority of Maldives reveals new alternative energy plan

The Maldives has become a loud voice in alternative energy advocacy. According to government officials, the country is vanishing due to the effects of climate change. As sea waters rise, the small island country is beginning to be overwhelmed by the ocean.China Carbon Sheet BMS9-8: 6K-135-5H, 380g/㎡, T300 6K, 5H Satin Weave ManufacturersChina Carbon Sheet 160g/㎡, T300 3K, Unidirectional Manufacturers Disregarding the controversy surrounding the topic of climate change, the Maldives has chosen to take steps to abandon fossil-fuels in the hopes of saving the country. The Energy Authority of Maldives has announced a new alternative energy project that may help in this endeavor.

The Energy Authority of Maldives has revealed plans for a new $138 million alternative energy project that will produce some 26 megawatts of electricity for the country. This ambitious project is expected to be completed within the next five years and will take root on the Island of Male, home to 30% of the country’s population. It is unclear what type of alternative energy systems the Maldives will pursue through this new project,China Prepreg BMS8-294 Manufacturers though it is likely that solar and wind energy will be prominent.

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