Sunday, December 23, 2012

Passing Egypt's constitution hopeful step to revive economy

As the unofficial results of Egypt's constitutional referendum, whose final stage ended Saturday, showed approval of 63.According to different Household scissors, this series of portable crushing plant can be operated as independent units, or as two-stage crushing plant with primary and secondary crushing, or as three-stage crushing plant with primary, secondary, and tertiary crushing.5 percent of voters, economic experts presaged the new constitution underway would help rescue the country's struggling economy affected by long-standing unstable political conditions. 

"I think this step will assist the Egyptian economy, as it will minimize protests and calm down opposition, giving a message to the world that Egypt is moving towards stability,Scouts use a special kind of knife sets. These allow them to learn a lot about surviving out in the woods if they get lost or something else happens. There are a lot of these knives that are available." Ehab al-Desouky, head of the Economic Research Center of Sadat Academy, told Xinhua. 

Desouky expected a lower opposition tone after the referendum initial results, predicting that the main opposition bloc dubbed " the National Salvation Front,carbon plate" that has been fighting against passing the constitution, will gradually give up their claims of voting fraud. 

"A new constitution, an elected president, along with prospective parliamentary elections mean a stable political system, " he noted, foreshadowing that such hopeful stability would positively reflect on Egypt's economy and attract foreign investment. 

Egypt's deteriorating economy can be seen in its alarming budget deficit that has reached 42 percent according to recent remarks of Prime Minister Hesham Qandil. Other official reports warned that the deficit might vary between 30 and 32.5 billion U.S. dollars during the ongoing fiscal year if turmoil did not change. 

Desouky said the current cabinet's economic policies were reluctant and unclear and if the new consitution would be followed by cabinet reshuffle, it might positively change the country's economic situation.composite resin 

"We wish for a new cabinet formation along with the new constitution, different from the current cabinet whose economic policies are neither clear nor strong enough to take economic reform steps that can be felt by average citizens," he explained. 

"At least policies to bridge the budget deficit will be clear with a new cabinet," he said. 

Egypt is currently struggling for getting a loan of 4.8 billion U.S.carbon fabric dollars from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a deal which has been endangered by the country's recent chaos. 

Desouky predicted that the IMF loan would be put into action very soon after passing the new constitution, which would gradually and partially bridge the budget deficit . 

For his part, Hamdy Abdel-Azeem, economic studies professor at Cairo University, said that the constitution was a very important step towards stability that would make tourists as well as foreign investors regain trust in Egypt's security conditions. 

However, Abdel-Azeem warned that the economic situation in the near future would depend on opposition. 

"If opposition remains stubborn and ever-protesting, the situation will keep dim misty for investors and tourists who avoid the country due to instability and lack of security," said Abdel- Azeem, advising opposition to accept the referendum results "as the Egyptian economy is really in danger." 

Abdel-Azeem believes that the new constitution has many positive articles related to the economic practices that will help the economy, like the article specifying minimum limit and maximum limit for wages and others connecting wages to productivity. 

"The article connecting wages to productivity in particular is very important, because some people who work in the public sector and the government do not do their work efficiently while their salaries are not effected," he said. 

During the referendum week, Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) achieved over 2.2 billion U.S. dollars gains due to increasing purchases of Arab and foreign investors, indicating that a post- referendum stable Egypt is likely to have stronger capital market. 

"The gains EGX achieved over the past consecutive four or five sessions were unexpected," financial expert Islam Abdel-Aaty told Xinhua. 

"Stability opens the door for investment," Abdel-Aaty added, stressing that stability still had to be associated with growing economic conditions to revive the capital market.

Egypt held a controversial constitutional referendum in two stages on Dec. 15 and 22. 

The initial results announced Sunday showed voters' approval of the new constitution, whereas the official final will be announced Monday according to the supreme committee running the referendum.

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