Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eighty Percent Jay soldiers on like a veteran

If Cutler could have continued to quarterback the Chicago Bears after spraining his MCL during their 2011 playoff loss to Green Bay, he would have. That was no wimp-out. And it's something of a minor miracle that Cutler was declared ready to start Sunday against the Detroit Lions, three weeks after tearing his left groin and a good week or three before he was expected to return. Team trainers cleared Cutler, who said he was good to go."Let me say it like this," Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall said. "There's not a lot of Jay Cutlers walking the streets. I don't care how great Josh McCown does, and he's awesome, and I don't think there's a better No. 2 quarterback.Buy Dsquared Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Custom Fit Stripe Shirt and more. But Jay Cutler is our quarterback. No one can lead this team better than he can right now. If Jay is 80 percent, he's better than a lot of guys 100 percent in the NFL." 

Maybe. Probably. But is 80 Percent Jay good enough to beat one of the NFL's top defenses? Not Sunday,Forklift forks suppliers it wasn't. The Lions won the brawl for first place in the NFC North, 21-19.His teammates called Cutler a tough hombre and a soldier. No arguments there. He absorbed a sack and eight more hits, including some penalized nonsense by the notorious Detroit defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and his goons. Cutler got his left ankle rolled on one of those during the first half, got it Buy Cheap Abercrombie Men's Shirtstaped up during intermission and returned to continue playing. So yes, he's tough. 

But the line between tough and smart gets blurry in sports, and particularly in football. Insisting that the groin no longer bothered him was the tough thing for Cutler to say. Hauling himself back onto the field with a left ankle injury that admittedly made the groin not feel so good after all … that, too, was being physically tough. But was it smart? Was it the best thing for the team?That's what head coach Marc Trestman is paid to decide.yibiao-lingerie His decision was to go with 80 Percent Jay, who looked superb in driving the Bears to a touchdown in five plays on the first possession of the game and then, not so good.China Spill Pallet SL series The official storyline was that Cutler was indeed ready, and only after his ankle injury was the game plan adjusted to limit how much he had to move around. Trestman said it. Cutler said it.Trouble is, Cutler also said, "I talked to (the offensive line) coming into it. They knew I wasn't going to be able to move around like I normally could. When my ankle went down, we were even more restricted there."

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