Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Missed touchdowns prove costly for Bears

As the Soldier Field crowd was celebrating Alshon Jeffery's reaching, twisting, falling-to-the-ground catch for a 14-yard touchdown that temporarily gave the Bears the lead over the Detroit Lions in the fourth quarter Sunday, Jeffery's own celebration was a little more subdued.Jeffery said.Sure enough,a magnificent play by the second-year wide receiver was overturned upon review, as replays indicated that while he maintained possession of the ball, he still lost control of it as he fell to the ground.The Bears kicked a field goal to cut the Lions lead to 14-13 with 9:17 left — losing four points that could have made the difference in a 21-19 loss to the Lions at Soldier Field."I thought I had it,but at the end,I knew I had bobbled it,"said Jeffery,China Fork Extensions who had nine receptions for 114 yards,including five catches for third-down conversions.Our store can offer Lululemon Outerwear cheap price, welcome choose! 

It was that kind of day for the Bears, who squandered one opportunity after another to avoid the two-point conversion predicament in the final seconds that ultimately cost them a chance to send the game into overtime. If the Bears fall short of the playoffs, regardless of how it happens, they will lament a home game they should have won.Jeffery's inability to hold on to a difficult catch was the least of the failures that doomed the Bears. Three plays prior to Jeffery's catch that wasn't, the Bears lost another touchdown when Matt Forte's nine-yard scoring run was nullified by a holding penalty on guard Matt Slauson.Our store can offer cheap Dior(men) Fashion shoes for sale, welcome choose!Slauson said that after talking to the official,Buy Cheap Abercrombie Men's Jeans he agreed with the call. 

Slauson's play typified the Bears' frustration.Buy Cheap Abercrombie Women's Fleece He thought he was doing the right thing, and it ended up wrong."The ref said it was a great move up until I didn't remove my hand," Slauson said.The Bears lost another chance for a touchdown in the third quarter when Jeffery couldn’t grab a 14-yard pass from quarterback Jay Cutler at the goal line with the Bears trailing 14-7. They settled for Robbie Gould’s field goal to cut the Lions lead to 14-10."It wasn't difficult. I took my eye off it,"Jeffery said. "I've just got to lock the ball in."The Bears lost yet another chance for a touchdown — and came up empty — at the end of the first half when Cutler’s pass on second-and-goal from the Lions’ 4-yard line was deflected by Ndamukong Suh and intercepted in the end zone by DeAndre Levy."Watch the film — it is what it is," Cutler said."It's single-high coverage. We had a great window, and it got tipped. You can be the judge."The Bears' the first half that the veteran safety bobbled into an incomplete pass."I just took my eyes off the ball and didn't focus on the ball,’’ Wright said. "When your plays come to you, you have to make them. I didn't make my play."

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