Monday, September 17, 2012

Heart Strings Flared Lace Smoke Ring

Item number two is the Flower Basket Shawl that I started in May 2012 to wear to a wedding in St. Louis, MO. I was no where near completion the day of the wedding but it seriously didn’t matter since it was well over 100 degrees in St. Louis and I wanted to wear no clothing at all much less a silk and wool shawl.China Wedding Flower Exporters delivery China, Flower to China flower delivery network of florists China offers fresh flower delivery.Easily buy quality China Silk Flowers Suppliers, artificial plants and silk trees online at discount prices. It’s finished now and ready to wear this fall. I love it. It’s made from Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Olive. This is the second FBS I’ve made in this yarn… in this shade. The first one I made was a Christmas gift for my mom using only 2 skeins and I loved the feel and the color so very much so I ordered more yarn. I wanted something I could really wrap up in…plus I loved the shade so much that I hoarded 5 skeins because the color was being discontinued. Four skeins would have been plenty for my lovely shawl, I used just slightly over that. I am so very happy with how it turned out.

Lastly, I have yet another Flower Basket Shawl to share with you. Yes, it seems that I am slightly obsessed with this pattern…but I think that Evelyn Clark writes the best, most intuitive lace shawl patterns out there. She really does…since she is a genius. I have knit a number of her designs so I know what I am talking about. This shawl is knit from a discontinued yarn that I bought at Midwest Stitches a couple of years ago….Sheep Shop 3. Now that I have knit with this yarn I am sad that it is gone! But I shall not despair too long since I have 3 more skeins in my stash…no big surprise there…huh?! This shawl gave me a bit of a problem. I wanted to make it as large as humanly possible so I researched the yarn and pattern on Ravelry and most ladies said they got 8 repeats. So I knit 8 repeats and cast off…but I saw the remaining yarn and then I weighed it and saw there were 24 grams leftover! A week went by and I still had not blocked the shawl as I tossed the thought of attempting another repeat. In the end… I could not live with myself unless I tried so…I frogged back and knit one final repeat.Crochet hair scrunchies using a China Beanie Hats Offers requires knitting over the band entirely. I can honestly say that I am happy with the finished shawl and will be proud to gift it in December.

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