Sunday, November 18, 2012

Factors contributing to the development of vibrating screen

Because vibrating equipment plays an important role in national economy, the research for vibrating equipment is noted at home and abroad.Fruit knife Recent years, with the expansion of productivity in coal, vibrating equipment develops fast with advanced technology.

With the expansion of mines, the producing scales of vibrating equipment for big mines are extending gradually and technical innovations develop continuously. The new machines are pushed one by one. Big vibrating feeder is used widely in China. There are two new types: type 1800t/h and type 2500t/h. In the production system, the quantity of feeding machine is reduced,carbon plate the production process is simplified, and the productivity is promoted.

For vibrating machinery,There are a number of different approaches to estimating the energy or carbon cloth of an energy efficiency or emissions reduction measure. there are two main forms of motion: linear movement and circular movement, so there are more common used types of vibrating screen: linear vibrating screen and circular vibrating screen.

1) The trajectory circular vibrating screen’s case (can view from any point of the sieve body) is for round or oval. Generally, vibrator of circular vibrating screen haw only one axis, can called single axis vibrating screen. Circular vibrating screen is mainly used for the classification of each particle materials, general tilt installation or hanging installation, which features reliable work, high screening efficiency.

2) While the trajectory of linear vibrating screen is line vibration or close to line vibrating movement. Linear vibrating screen haw two axis, so can called dual axle vibrating screen.carbon sheet It installed with horizontal or inclined. The linear vibrating screen features compact structure, running stable, which is widely used for the dehydration, off mud, and the wet or dry classification of medium or fine material.

As we all know that it’s more and more important to protect the environment, so the requirements for vibrating machinery are tending to environmental protection.A kind of carbon composite material made of CF fabric impregnated with adhesive film. For protecting living environment, the machinery is popularized with the features of low noise, low pollution, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low abrasion, and low accident.

In mining industry and some industrial projects, various vibrating machinery are used widely. In the process of producing coal, there are about 1 billion tons of different raw materials carried and processed. In the links, many machines such as feeding machine, conveying machine and screening machine are required.

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