Monday, November 26, 2012

The Structural Components for Impact Crusher

The multistage impact cavity of the impact crusher has enough room for crushing, which is suitable for crushing the large pieces of the materials. The angle of the impact board of the impact crusher can be adjusted to ensure that there will be suitable angle when the materials are impacted repeatedly between the impact plate and the rotor, which can effectively improve the crushing efficiency. The gradual impact crushing process can effectively reduce the energy consumption in the crushing process.
The rotor of the impact crusher can be divided into the single rotor and double rotor. The rotors are mainly welded on the barrel through the carbon-dioxide arc welding. Then you can surfacing the wear balance scale The impact crusher produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery has simple structure, which is suitable for the small and medium mine factories. According to the rotation of the rotor, the rotor can be divided into the one-way rotation and bi-directional scales wholesale There are two kinds of structure at the lower part of the rotor,heavy duty digital platform scales namely the structure with even labyrinth plate and the structure without labyrinth plate of the impact crusher, which can control the particle size of the products. There are fewer too large particles and the particle size of the products is even. The hanging point of the even labyrinth plate can be moved horizontally in order to be suitable for various crushing conditions.pocket scales The lower end of the labyrinth plate can compensate the change of the discharging gap due to the attrition of the labyrinth plate and the plate hammer by adjusting the angle between the adjustment mechanism and the rotor.
The plate hammer of the impact crusher is firmly fixed on the rotor, which is generally equipped with six pieces of plate hammer. The plate hammer is made of the wear high manganese steel material. The rotor itself is fixed on the shaft with the key. The two ends of the shaft are supported on the lower frame with the rolling bearing. Therefore,JA Henckels kitchen knives are among the primary and oldest Western knife sets which are crafted from Germany. JA Henckels knives are particularly regarded for its superior quality and durability. the torque of the crusher equipment is small so that part of the moving balance of the rotor is easily to be controlled and the dynamic disturbing force of the moving process is small.

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