Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kite surfers inspire new wind-energy tech

Adrenaline junkies long ago learned that flying a kite with surf and snow boards strapped to their feet is an awesome way to get their fix. Now, energy companies are looking to harness the source of the fun — high altitude wind — to generate electricity.

The concept of kite power has been floating around for a few years based on the data-backed premise that winds are stronger and more consistent 1,000 to 1,500 feet off the ground than they are at 500 feet, which is about as high as the tallest traditional wind turbines reach.

Devices built to harness that high-altitude wind hold the promise of greater operational reliability and efficiency as well as lower materials cost per megawatt of electricity generated.non-stick knife

Some approaches generate the electricity in the air,It's actually just a type of secondary and tertiary crusher, which is a means of further processing of the primary Quarry plant.This device consists of a single roll and double roll. The capacity of these tools depends on several things, such as: the type of stone to be broken down, the large volume of stones produced from the primary stone crusher is also determined by the size of the rock to generate more excellent finished products.A kind of carbon composite material made of CF fabric impregnated with adhesive film. such as the airborne wind turbines from Google-backed Makani Power and MIT spinoff Altaeros Energies.

This week, Berlin-based wind energy developer NTS GmbH and the Fraunhofer Institute revealed details of a scheme to use a 215-square-foot kite to pull a vehicle along a train track. A generator converts the kinetic energy of the vehicle into electricity.

Automated measuring and control mechanisms on the vehicle are being designed to steer the kite in either a figure-eight or sine-wave flight path that can generate enough power to pull a vehicle that weighs one ton, according to a Fraunhofer.Based on customer's request, we can configure diverse sand producing creation line and stone creation line.Sand making machine is generally set up over the concrete foundation. Offered the pounds of a larger impact crusher, very poor operating conditions, and also the machine in operation once more with excellent force of inertia to promote the inspiration and also the device phylogenetic vibration.

To date, the system has been tested on 1,300-foot-long straight track as the kite was remotely controlled. Future automated versions will be on a loop track.A scissor lift is attached to a moving piece of equipment.

Simulations of the technology suggest 24 kites could generate 120 gigawatt hours of electricity a year, enough to supply power to around 30,000 homes. The partners said they have attracted earlier investors and are at work turning the concept into reality.

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