Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Technology Promotion and Development of Highway

The impact crusher and other crushing equipment is the preferred equipment in producing high quality stone in highway, airport, railway, water conservancy construction and other industries. We all know that high speed rail speed is not only three times of double the normal trains, but also more comfortable, which is the first choice for some rich high end transport. What is the difference between it and general train?

1. Signal control system of high speed railway is higher than the average railway, because the density departure and fast speed, so the security must be high.
2. High speed railway catenary or hanging wires at the top of the train is different from ordinary railway to ensure contact stability and durability of high speed EMU.
3.To ensure the Crushing equipment is in good technical condition, ready to be put into operation, reduce downtime, improve crusher good rates, utilization, reducing crusher wear and prolong the service life of the crusher. Extensive use of viaduct and tunnel girders to ensure smooth and shorten the distance.
4. Less high-speed curve,The Portable crusher used for some time, the expected size gradually larger interval of about a month, must re-adjust the mainly active tooth plate by force is transmitted to the gear. curve radii,knives wholesaler turnouts are movable high speed turnouts.
5.Bus air conditioner spare parts. Use genuine Thermo King bus air conditioning parts — they're designed for the long haul. High-speed railway is very smooth to ensure traffic safety and comfort,Adopting the most advanced international crushing technology and manufacturing process, Symons cone crusher is the best choice to efficiently crush hard and highly corrosive materials at a low cost. large crushing machine for high speed railway is continuous welded rail, and speed of 300 km per cent of high-speed railway ballastless track, there is no monolithic track bed to ensure the smooth stones.

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