Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Overview of the cone crusher use experience

The steel industry contributes greatly to the development of the iron ore beneficiation and technological progress and innovation. In recent years,Cracks and impurities are eliminated from the marble. Next the marble is transported to the processing Quarry plant by truck. high-quality iron ore resources has been developed to the limitation gradually, almost all domestic and international mineral processing workers conduct a thorough and systematic study for the development and utilization of refractory iron and develop many advanced beneficiation technology, process, equipment, and pharmaceutical. The main mineral processing equipment for the processing production line mainly contains cone crusher, sand making machine, etc. Hongxing Heavy Machinery is committed to improving the efficiency of the iron ore beneficiation process, in particular, has a breakthrough in the development and improvement of the cone crusher, and lay a solid foundation for the development of the iron and steel industry in China.
Cone crusher gravel production line in crushing equipment,The best way to bring back alignment is to regularly steel the non-stick knife using butcher's steel with most experts recommending the process of steeling immediately before use. Stropping the knives is also recommended to maintain their sharpness.Why is regular sharpening of kitchen knives important? widely used in the mining industry, metallurgical industry, construction industry, road building industry, chemical industry and silicate industry, suitable for crushing hard and medium hard ore and rock, such as iron ore,A scissor lift is attached to a moving piece of equipment. limestone, copper ore, quartz, granite, sandstone. Hongixng heavy machine introduces the use experience of cone crusher for everyone.
The proper use of the cooler: cone crusher oil temperature should be kept at 38 to 54 ?? C (100 to 130 ?? F), the optimum operating temperature is 38 ~ 46 ?? C (100 ~ 115 ?? F) range, in this range, the inner work can guarantee the performance and stability of the lubricating oil.A kind of carbon composite material made of CF fabric impregnated with adhesive film. When the environment or operating the oil temperature is increased to 54 ?? C (130 ?? F), please use the oil cooler.
Correctly set back to the oil temperature alarm value: the manufacturer's recommended temperature switch value should be set of 60 ?? C (140 ?? F), but the use of units of work conditions is inconsistent, the alarm value should be set according to the actual situation.Unscrew the water supply hose from the back of the Sand making machine. Have a towel or bucket handy, as some water may drip out. Use the pliers if the hose coupling is difficult to move or stuck in place. Ambient temperature is much different in winter and summer so the alarm value should be adjusted accordingly.

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