Monday, April 7, 2014

Half of his strikeout victims

Half of his strikeout victims were caught looking and only four balls — including cleanup batter Charles Mitchell's fourth-inning single to right-center — left the infield."He did a great job of getting ahead of our hitters and he really kept a lot of our guys guessing, especially as it got in the later innings," Piscataway coach Jason Keller said.canada goose jacket women "A lot were expecting fastball and got something offspeed."Keller was stunned to learn that Willis is St. Joseph's No. 4 starter on paper behind ace Brandon Bielak, junior Mark Bobko and senior Jack Harlan."In high school, having two good starters is a framework for building a pretty solid team," Keller said. "When you get to even three or four it's tough to beat. I would definitely be envious of having him as a fourth starter."
The staff at St. Joseph (3-1) has yielded just four earned runs in 26 innings for a 1.08 ERA with Bobko having yet to throw a single frame because of his value to the team as its starting shortstop.Bucchignano gave Willis a solid look in the preseason, during which the rookie impressed in scrimmages against Middletown South,Lululemon Women's Pants Brick Memorial and Elizabeth. Willis' performance against the latter convinced the St. Joseph coaching staff he needed to be in the starting rotation."We knew coming in he could be a varsity guy, but we weren't sure,party supplies" Bucchignano said of Willis, who stands 5-foot-9 and weighs 160 pounds. "This preseason he just proved it. Based on what he's done with the U.S. National Team and coming here,nike shox shoesIsuzu Auto Parts he's got the foundation where good things can happen for him down the road."Willis said he is learning from the entire staff, especially senior right-hander Bielak, who will attend the University of Notre Dame on a full baseball scholarship in the fall.

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