Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I wish she was still hurt

"I wish she was still hurt," Jeff Judkins, the Brigham Young coach, joked before Saturday's game. "She can shoot N.B.A. 3s on a dime. In transition, she's a major part of that. Now she's getting in better shape and becoming more of a threat, really driving. Who do you stop? You think, ‘Let's zone UConn,' and she comes out and hits five 3-pointers,Custom Teemo hat and it's over."Just as important, Judkins said, Mosqueda-Lewis seems to be at her most dependable in the biggest games."I know she's not in the best shape she probably wants to be,cheap mens jackets and coats" Judkins said, "but you don't have to be in that good a shape to shoot 3-pointers if you move and get good screens."
After the injury to her right elbow,welcome to cheap Dsquared Long Sleeve T-Shirts,find Latest Styles!‎Our store can offer cheap Juicy Couture Grade Wallets sale, welcome choose! Mosqueda-Lewis began a deliberate rehabilitation.Hydraulic dirt bucket suppliers Several times a day, to prevent the buildup of scar tissue, she performed range-of-motion and stretching exercises known as nerve flossing.Gradually, she began passing and shooting drills. She dropped and caught a two-pound weighted ball. She tossed a softball against a wall. She flicked a basketball into the air. She began shooting layups, then, finally, moved farther from the basket until she felt comfortable beyond the arc. In her return, an 83-61 thrashing of Duke on Dec. 17, Mosqueda-Lewis hit 7 of 11 3-point attempts and scored 21 points.But another interruption followed. She banged her left elbow against Louisville on Feb. 9. The injury was not serious, but Mosqueda-Lewis had begun to feel achy and tired. She learned that she had mononucleosis. The initial prognosis was that she would miss three to six more weeks.She returned in three and found the range on her 3-point shot, and UConn has kept rolling toward perfection.

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