Monday, April 7, 2014

The strategy of the inning

The strategy of the inning got interesting as Zobrist proceeded to lay down a perfect sacrifice bunt down the left field line. Longoria took the first pitch inside, and then was given an intentional walk to put men on first and second with one out for James Loney.The Cotts-Loney matchup prompted Dewayne Staats to point out that both players had reverse (batting average) splits in 2014, which should mean, if you go by last year, that the lefty-lefty matchup was advantage Loney.Chevron Paper Straws Now, Staats may say that you should go by one year of data, but that's generally not what statisticians will say.Our store can offer Dsquared Long T-Shirts cheap price, welcome choose! There's a legitimate question over whether or not Neal Cotts is a reverse-split guy (wOBA-based regression sees him as pretty neutral, but DIPS measures think he's a normal lefty), but over the course of his career, Loney has hit righties far better than he has lefties. My projection for the matchup was a .270 wOBA.
Projection? Proschmection! The red-hot Loney let a cutter moving away from him on the outer half of the plate travel in the zone, and then went with the pitch, sending it the other way and over Shin-Soo Choo's head for a double that scored both Myers and Longoria,honeycomb paper balls and gave the Rays a lead that Grant Balfour would not relinquish.I'm pretty sure this is why baseball is special. It gives us reams of data with which to create high-quality predictions, and then, over a sample size of one, it turns those predictions on their heads. Sometimes, for one day at least, the youngster isn't out of his league.Forklift forks Sometimes, for the day, the Cy Young award winner is merely okay. Sometimes you walk the righty to face the lefty, and that lefty wins the game. It's days like this that turn baseball into something worth watching, and by extension, something worth predicting.wholesale Coach Grade Sunglasses from homepage.

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