Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We reconciled as close friends

"We reconciled as close friends that year and we went on the journey together," Mel Allen said. "Carole was stubborn, obstinate, idiosyncratic. That's what kept her alive so long. I don't know of any chemotherapy that she didn't have in her body. She would not give in.Valentines day Samsung Galaxy Note 2 7100 CaseCustom LOL cute Q version design pure cotton long sleeve T-shirt"In August 2012, Allen spoke eloquently about her battle with cancer, including the side effects of chemotherapy, in a story that ran in the Ledger-Transcript."The first couple of days, you have a lot of energy," she said. "You have a false sense of enthusiasm. By the third or fourth day, you're extremely fatigued. You should rest, but I find that extremely hard."She also described a photo project she was working on, capturing images of family farms in Dublin,Custom Phone case the town where she lived for many years.Custom Riven fashion design pure cotton hoody with a zipper"It's given me a real feeling of accomplishment to have this creative project," she said.
"Carole loved doing those photos of Monadnock farmers," Mel Allen said.China Fork Extensions "I always felt the whole idea of renewal spoke to her on some level. She was fighting to live."It's no secret: I love spoiling my cats. Much to my husband's dismay, I've been known to drop pretty hefty sums on mountains of cat toys: mice and balls and feathered chase toys and rope scratchers and every new thing under the sun.The only thing I love more than spoiling my cats with new toys is figuring out ways to make toys for them for pennies compared to what you could buy them for in stores, and I'm going to pass some of my favorite ideas on to you!Not all of these toys will be a hit with every cat, but among the ideas you're sure to find one or two that your feline friend will enjoy (at least for the next five minutes until she finds a crinkly envelope or paper towel tube you've discarded.)

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