Sunday, May 12, 2013

Australian dairy factory picks up steam to please Chinese moms

Hamish Reid, business manager for nutritionals of Australia's Tatura Milk Industries, has apologized to a group of Chinese merchants for not being able to meet their demands for infant formula milk powder.Reid, however, promised to provide them with more products next year when the factory's canning capacity picks up.That was during a tour of Tatura factory in northern Victoria earlier this month by the Chinese distributors of a new Australian infant milk powder brand, OZcare, owned by Chinese-Australian businessman Norman Li.A baby boom in recent years and a series of food safety scandals in the Chinese dairy industry have led to a soaring demand for overseas milk products.Because of this,Cut to modern times and the trend is slowly but surely going back to the use of vintage tubs and baths and vintage Clawfoot tub faucets. Tatura, a subsidiary of ASX-listed Bega Cheese, was caught underprepared.Had there been no robust growth of the Chinese infant formula market, Tatura would have maintained the same business pattern of manufacturing basic milk powder and selling them to big or small brands.For years, Tatura has been a reliable upper-stream manufacturer of world famous brands, including Mead Johnson, Wyeth and Karicare, which it send to their factories in other countries, like China. The receiving factories will handle the mixing and packing of the finished products.Among Tatura's four dryers, one was fully contracted to make infant formula powder for Mead Johnson. Tatura's single canning workshop is run by a Japanese company. All other brands manufactured by Tatura had to use the same workshop for canning, making packaging a bottle-neck for a production increase.These arrangements greatly limited its manufacturing and packaging capacities. At present,Prepregs for perfect resin content in carbon prepreg laminates. Our prepregs are stored at room temp but offer performance properties on par with frozen. there are less than 10 brands of infant formula which are completely manufactured in Tatura. 

One of them is OZcare, an Australian brand but sold mainly in the Chinese market. Norman Li, chairman of Careline Group, which fully owns OZcare, said he spent three years researching the dairy industry in Australia and the market in China before finalizing his deal with Tatura.The round badge reels come with Lanyard Strap can snap-on your badge holders, ID cards, name tags or name badges easily!Li said Tatura, being the industry leader and enjoying a good reputation for its high quality products, could withstand the strictest scrutiny of Chinese mothers."Most of the Chinese families have only one child. So mothers are extremely concerned with the products that their babies are going to use," Li said.A series of scandals in the Chinese dairy industry has affected consumer confidence on China-made products. An increasing number of Chinese mothers have begun to buy foreign brand infant formula, especially those which are completely manufactured outside of China.The Chinese distributors said OZcare is a beginner in Chinese market of infant formula but has recorded strong growth.Composites is a leading manufacturer of carbon fabric, carbon fiber panels, carbon fiber fabric and custom carbon fiber products. The major challenge at this stage is to maintain a stable supply. The production of OZcare by Tatura is 300 tons this year,Truck tyre equipments, Tyre changers, Wheel Service Equipment, Super-duty electric motor and hydraulic drive for superior torque and wheel holding power. which is deemed insufficient to meet the current demand. The volume is expected to rise to 1,500 tons next year.Partly prompted by the increasing demand from the Chinese market, Tatura has shifted company strategy from focusing on basic milk powder supply to more profit-rich whole production.New steps include reclaiming 25 percent of the production capacity of the dryer contracted to Mead Johnson. It also made new investments in building up new packing lines.With these policies in place, Reid dared to promise the Chinese distributors of more OZcare infant formula next year.Li is more ambitious for the future. Realizing that most Australian babies are drinking foreign brand infant formula since there is no competitive domestic brand in the market, Li has decided to explore Australian market as well as keep expanding in the Chinese market.He has set his goal for OZcare to become No.1 infant formula brand in Australia. The first step would be putting OZcare on the shelves of Australian supermarkets next year."Most of the profit of OZcare will go to charity. That's my way of self-fulfillment," Li said.

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