Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Casting Couch: Adam Scott Invites Everyone Back Into the Hot Tub Time Machine

What is Casting Couch? It's back to give you another healthy dose of casting news. If you don't like spoilers,Visit Get Custom Wristbands today for amazing prices on rubber bracelets, Silicone Wristbands and other personalized bracelet styles. then don't continue forward, because we've got some big time spoilers concerning a couple of Anchorman 2 cameos.Craig Robinson,Slap Bracelet are made of flexible, layered plastic in order to spring closed when slapped against your arm. Rob Corddry,Restored Cast iron clawfoot tubs, shower heads, and replacement handles and flanges for faucets. and Clark Duke are all ready to don their swimsuits to go for another soak in the Hot Tub Time Machine, but they have a problem. It turns out that the star of the first film, John Cusack, doesn't want to join them. Never fear though,The mounting arm of this tire changer swings to the side so that it can be installed in a space-saving manner directly near a wall. because The Wrap is reporting that Party Down and Parks and Recreation star Adam Scott has agreed to step into the role of the straight man for Hot Tub Time Machine 2, and he's generally way more likable than Cusack these days anyway. What will this sequel have in store for Scott and the original crew? Will they perhaps, this time, go back in time to the 90s, so that we can get a host of jokes about slap bracelets and Zubaz pants? The head spins with possibilities.
Feel like you haven't been getting enough Keanu Reeves in your life lately? Well, fear not, because Screen Daily has word that he's getting ready to take a break from being the King of the Internet meme in order to star in another movie. The project is apparently called John Wick, and it will see Reeves starring as a former hitman who has his killer instincts reawakened after a street thug steals his 1969 Ford Mustang and kills his dog in the process.This Banner Pen features a retractable banner with up to 36 square inches of printable area!Wick hunts the jerk down, but the plot thickens when it turns out the dude's dad is a big mob boss and Wick ends up getting a bounty put on his head. So basically what we're dealing with is Death Wish, but about a guy who loses his car and his dog instead of his family. Keanu is like the country music Charles Bronson.
It looks like Octavia Spencer is about to do battle with Kevin Costner. Variety is reporting that the The Help actress has just joined Mike Binder's indie drama Black and White, that movie where Kevin Costner plays a dude who loses his wife and his daughter and then has to do battle with his granddaughter's paternal grandmother for custody of the child. Spencer will be playing said grandmother. You see, the granddaughter is biracial, and the movie is called Black and White because of racial issues and whatnot. It's all very compelling, I'm sure.

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