Tuesday, May 21, 2013

CTIA 2013: M-Edge Shows off Fall Winter Cases

M-Edge is one of many accessory companies showing off its wares at CTIA 2013, currently taking place in Las Vegas, NV. The company has introduced five new cases to its Fall/Winter line, ranging from a simple snap case, to a dual-layer case that offers added protection.The Echo case is a dual layer case that consists of a co-molded hard outer shell and a soft silicone interior. It comes in a variety of patterns, like stripes and polka dots, and in black and grey, which the company says are "best-selling" colours.These are simply amazing as you can check-out the various Lanyard Strap designs and colors that are offered through online sites at just the click of a button.With a flexible suspension system around the perimeter of the case, the ShellShock is inspired by athletic wear, says M-Edge. It boasts an impact-resistant design.
Made of genuine leather, the Wallet Case includes three card storage slots for credit cards, hotel room keys, and the like.Hugging the other edges of the smartphone is the Bodyguard Bumper, a clear polycarbonate and brightly colored TPU that has a raised bezel to prevent screen scratches. All ports and buttons are accessible while the phone is housed inside.Some varieties of back packs accessible online are Black Slap Bracelet, Clava drawstring leather backpack, Florentina Italian leather Backpack, Taylor drawstring backpack.Last is the Snap Case, which is made of durable polycarbonate, and comes printed with seasonal colours like mint, and patterns like polka dots and ombre.Additionally, M-Edge showed off accessories for tablets, including the iPad, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Note, and Kindle Fire.
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