Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Otterbox Defender iON powered iPhone case

As I mentioned in my review of a couple of wood cases, I'm not normally a case kind of guy.Leather drawstring backpack is preferred by many for their rich appeal. Choose the Banner Pen you feel is apt after browsing thru a wide range of collections. I've never quite seen the point of paying a premium for something beautifully designed and then hiding it away inside a case.These containers are an ideal for caring during long journeys, during summers you can enjoy cold beverages or other glass refill and in winters can sit back and enjoy you cup of hot tea or coffee.However, a cycling holiday from the Netherlands to Denmark in which my iPhone would be used for both photos and video suggested that at least a temporary change of policy might be in order. Videoing while cycling always carries the risk of an unintended phone-road interface, and using it with the screen on a lot during some long days might also be pushing the battery-life …The Otterbox Defender iON case seemed tailor-made for the job. Otterbox Defender cases are rigid plastic cases housed in a silicone skin, designed to offer a reasonably high level of impact protection. The Defender iON goes one better, housing a 1450mAH battery inside the plastic back to roughly double the battery-life of the phone.
At the rear, the camera lens is left uncovered, but it's pretty deeply recessed inside the plastic and silicone,So be careful if you're using a united-promo code on their website. so you'd have to be very unlucky to drop it on something pointy in order to risk damaging the lens. Personally, I'd far rather this approach than put a piece of plastic in front of the lens with the inevitable effect on image quality.The biggest compliment I can pay to the construction of the case is how relaxed I felt using the phone while cycling. Most of the photos and video were shot one-handed while cycling. At other times, I used a Gorrilapod to attach it to sign-posts, fences and tree branches. At no point did I ever worry about the safety of the phone: I felt that the case was going to protect it no matter what.
I wasn't going to conduct drop tests using my own phone, but I did wrap some coins in a piece of material to approximate the weight of the phone, place this inside the case and then drop it from head height.These are simply amazing as you can check-out the various Lanyard Strap designs and colors that are offered through online sites at just the click of a button. I could see no sign of impact on either the silicone outer or the plastic case inside.Inserting the phone is extremely quick and easy, as you can see in the video at the top. It slides very easily into the powered back, and engages positively.If the caries bacteria or prepreg products has spread to the pulp, causing chronic pulpitis, not after a reasonable treatment. The front piece just snaps on.

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