Thursday, May 2, 2013

Social media fury claims another Aussie corporate scalp

A social media tsunami has enveloped one of Australia's most recognized brands after its CEO told an investment seminar a proposed government disability scheme would hit corporate profits, in Sydney this week.prepreg also allows one to impregnate a bulk amount of fiber and then store it in a cooled area for an extended period of time to cure later.Myer is Australia's largest department store chain and its glossy image has taken a massive hot following CEO Bernie Brookes comments that the estimated $350 a year that people will pay for a levy to support Australia's more than 400,000 people with a disability and their families,Cursher "is something they would have spent with us."Brookes has apologized, but the damage has been done both via social media and in the eyes of Andrew Constance, the NSW Minister for Disability Services who today called on Brookes to spend a day with a person with disability.After complaining that Myer's sales would be affected by the Medicare levy designed to partly fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the retail giant has endured a tidal wave of social media criticism. 

Following outraged postings across Myer's Facebook page and through the micro-blogging site Twitter, Brookes released a statement that failed to placate his detractors.carbon fabric is your source for high quality carbon fiber fabric and aramid fiber fabric. We supply carbon fiber cloth at the best prices."I want to make it clear that Myer supports the introduction of an NDIS..."However,New & used excavators for Used excavatorsale advertise your own used excavators as well as search advertisements online. he continued to decry the economic consequences for corporate Australia saying: "We are sensitive to imposts on the consumer by the government as this adds to negative consumer sentiment and that adversely impacts sales, profit and jobs."Minister Constance called on Brookes to "experience what life is like' without an NDIS and the enormous challenges that people with disability face every day."I am challenging Mr Brookes, along with other business leaders to spend a day with a person with disability and their carers as I have done as part of an initiative called 'Walk In My Shoes',We are Vintage tubs,we provide various kinds of bath,the main types of Vintage tubs,Antique tubs,Cast iron clawfoot tubs." Constance said. 

"We desperately need senior members of the business community to get involved in boards that oversee the operations of non- government organizations in disability services."Brookes concluded his emailed statement with a brief apology, however 'Boycott Myer' sites have begun appearing across the web accompanied by a raft of vicious criticism through social media.

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