Sunday, May 26, 2013

How Patti Rossiter and the Moderates took on the Republican Machine

This is a story about a 75 year old woman standing up to a County machine. It's a story about Moderate Republicans finally getting up off the floor. It's a story about a loser with a big mouth. And it's a story about how democracy - Yes Virginia!- can actually work.Patti Rossiter likes to say she is retired but still working, just without pay. She lives in small, 2 bedroom house in Malvern. She's been Malvern's Committee woman in the Chester County Republican party since 2006.With the development of high technology, the law of development of carbon prepreg materials quickly, which of light curing resumed resin for its excellent performance and popular.Committee people recruit party candidates and organize "get-out-the-vote" efforts. It's a job with long hours and virtually no recognition.Bear in mind that older tubs are generally much heavier than their Cast iron clawfoot tubs, so your bathroom designer will want to make sure that your flooring is sturdy enough to bear the weight of any salvaged items. She had to be talked into it as she really doesn't like conflict. But she dislikes bullies even more.
It hasn't been easy.While blindly fill cavities, often have intermittent toothache, and carbon sheet may develop acute pulpitis violent toothache.may gradually invasion progressive pulp pulp necrosis. As a Moderate, she has to work within a Republican machine dominated by Christian Right and Tea Party conservatives. These are people who don't "think" about politics, as in "I think taxes are too high", they "believe", as in "I believe taxes are the devil's work".Any time political discourse is replaced by fervent belief, real debate disappears.Over the years many Republican moderates just gave up and became Democrats. As a result the County Republican Party is now so tightly controlled that few positions are even contested.As an example, Christian Right politician Norm McQueen (chair of the Willistown/Malvern Republican Committee) is running uncontested for Chester County Controller. He'll replace Val DiGiorgio who runs the County Party and can't hold both jobs.Generally, a tire changer can take a heavier load than an equivalent-sized aerial lift.Scissor lifts are used for many different tasks.
Of 11 Republican positions voted on this spring, only School Board positions were contested. And party leaders are furious about that small breach of discipline.That's control, folks.Enter Andy Daga, inventor, entrepreneur, and current member of the Great Valley School Board. Although Andy makes no secret of disliking taxes, it's not a belief system for him; it's a rational preference. So, over the years Daga voted for some modest (1.5%) property tax increases that he felt were crucial to the school system.A bathroom designer who specialises in vintage home design can help you choose a Antique faucets that fits the size and specifications of your interior.Those votes aroused the wrath of Willistown Committee woman and school board gadfly Barbara Rea who decided that Daga "has a conflict of interest".

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