Monday, March 10, 2014

Ask any of the community

Medupi,Custom Rammus cute hat the first generating unit of which is expected to be completed by the end of the year, is three years past its initial completion deadline."This shows that government is committed to self-service, rather than the service of the poor. The only power cut that should happen is the one on May 7, come general elections," Maimane said.Abercrombie Men's Fleece-AF50203The DA in Gauteng, if elected, would prioritise provision of generators to all healthcare facilities, ensure adequate back-up supplies of chronic medication at clinics and establish a disaster management centre, similar to the one in the Western Cape, which would facilitate quick response to all emergencies and traffic issues, Maimane said.
"Ask any of the community what the chances of a ambulance venturing into the settlement here are. They will tell you that it simply doesn't happen," Maimane said.Maimane said that government was aware of alternative energy options, but that it had continued with an unsustainable nuclear and coal-heavy energy mix."South Africa needs a government that will give direction and leadership. If not, critical issues like load shedding will spill over into other critical areas,tissue paper honeycomb ball decoration like water supply," he said.Resident Patience Thekiso, who has lived in Protea South "for too many years to remember", said she was grateful for the donation,louis vuitton men handbags prices which would benefit the community."This (the generator) will help many people,Our store can offer cheap Juicy Couture Grade Wallets sale, welcome choose! including children and the elderly, even when the electricity is not on," she said.

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