Monday, March 17, 2014

That same evening, Denison and May stayed up until midnight

That same evening, Denison and May stayed up until midnight,wholesale Best Dsquared Long T-Shirts from homepage. sketching pictures of joints and lenses."Even though we didn't have any engineering experience, we still wanted to try and see how it might work," Denison said.With the help of a simple Google search, Denison and May decided to actually develop the product."Right when I came up with the idea, I looked up 'product development Raleigh', and got connected with Swedish designer Fredrik Perman, the creator of The Product Farm," Denison said.Denison said Perman has mentored him throughout the entire process, and he even r'mended them to websites to help them develop a prototype for their product."He has been here since day one," Denison said. "He's been a huge help to everything we've done, and he's never charged us a cent for anything". 

Per Perman's r'mendation, Denison and May used Shapeways, a website that specializes in 3-D printing and prototype design to begin designing their initial prototypes."We went on oDesk, which is sort of like a Craigslist for freelancing services, and posted a blurb on there," Denison said.Within about a week, Denison and May decided on a freelance engineer from Canada, who would help them with their first prototype.Paper Tissue Honeycomb Balls 
"We would send him dimensions, and once he edited those, we would order prototypes with those dimensions using Shapeways," Denison said. "We ended up going back and forth a few times, and did six different edits before we got to the final prototype.""That was one of the better days of probably my life," May said. "Since we found out that they actually worked.Buy High quality Coach Grade Sunglasses, Custom Fit Stripe Shirt and more." 

Denison said they had been shown Perman their original drawings, and continued to meet with him as they came up with the prototypes."Most people have an idea but don't really get there, and you guys did," Perman said,Forklift forks according to Denison.Denison and May, who did most of their research in Hunt library,honeycomb paper balls  said they are past the most difficult part of this process, and that they are currently expanding and building up their name."The biggest challenge was getting the glasses to be the way we wanted," Denison said. "We ended up fusing three different styles".Even though Vybe Sunglasses is new, Denison and May said they already have ideas for the future.

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