Wednesday, March 12, 2014

At the most recent

"At the most recent 300-guest movie premiere, we had a red carpet, lighting, a DJ, lounges, full catering and beverages,honeycomb paper balls valet, security, a fire marshal on-site, portable bathroom facilities,nike shox shoes janitorial services and generators," Yep said."We handled all coordination and logistics for the event. The client was a small independent film for foreign distribution and the cost was around $50,000."You can bet $50,000 is a bit above the price range for most of us, but Yep said home parties are popular and, more importantly, fiscally possible."Small home gatherings can be great. But, even with a 50-person event, you have to think about food and beverage. Will it be tray-passed or displayed hors d'oeuvres? Will it be a sit-down or buffet dinner?" she said.
"Even small parties can be extravagant by adding a theme or bringing in entertainment, a photo booth, or those tray-passed hors d'oeuvres I mentioned," she continued.Buy High quality Coach Grade Sunglasses, Custom Fit Stripe Shirt and more.Authentic Replica lv monogram vernis handbags"Hollywood theme parties are popular because Los Angeles is the heart of where the entertainment business is. Los Angeles revolves around stars and the glitz and glamour that comes with them. If we can't live it daily,paper straws wholesale the next best thing is to be it for a night."Bravo Productions of Long Beach has been creating award-winning parties for decades, starting out originally in designing and building Tournament of Roses parade floats before turning its attention to producing spectacular events, including the 75th anniversary celebration of Farmers Market in Los Angeles and an opening gala at Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.Partner Tom Neighbors said Hollywood-themed parties have lessened during the past few years at his company, but they still do at least two every year.

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