Sunday, March 23, 2014

Schumaker left the game

Schumaker left the game between the Reds and Royals on Friday after making a diving attempt to cut off a line drive hit by Angel Franco in the left centerfield gap in the seventh inning.Schumaker's glove stuck in the hard ground on the Arizona field. The injury is similar to the injury suffered on opening day last year when Ryan Ludwick's hand stuck in the ground at Great American Ball Park while sliding into thirdbase.The veteran utility player signed a two-year contract with the Reds on November 26. He is expected to provide backup at second base and the outfield.Schumaker, 34, was hitting .441 this spring with a home run and seven RBI.Buy High quality Coach Grade Sunglasses, Custom Fit Stripe Shirt and more.Machado unsure about opening season: Manny Machado still doesn't know if he'll be ready to start the season with the Baltimore Orioles.welcome to cheap Dsquared Long Sleeve T-Shirts,find Latest Styles!‎
Two days after the 21-year-old All-Star third baseman had his left knee examined in Los Angeles by Dr. Neal ElAttrache, Machado has yet to run -- even though he's been cleared for full activities.Machado's recovery has been slowed by scar tissue in his knee as well as by a calf injury."Everything looks fine. Knee looks great. Nothing but good things.tissue ballChevron Paper Straws At this point I'll just get back out there running and getting back to top speed. And once I get there, I'll go ahead and continue doing whatever I've got to do," Machado said at the Orioles' spring training complex in Sarasota, Fla.Baltimore opens its season on March 31, and Machado isn't ruling out playing even though he must start playing this week."I can't answer that. I have no idea. I'm just worried about the great news I got, which was I could get out there. That's the only thing I could control. It's a matter of how many at-bats I could get, when I can start playing. Today, I can't go out there and play a game. I'm not ready. I've got to get my speed back up." Machado said.Before the Orioles played Tampa Bay, manager Buck Showalter said that he expected the Gold Glover, to try and run on Sunday.

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