Monday, March 24, 2014

Research by Nasa revealed

Research by Nasa revealed that pilots who take a 25-minute nap in the cockpit — hopefully with a co-pilot taking over the controls — are subsequently 35 per cent more alert than their non-napping colleagues and twice as focused. 2009, sleep researcher Kimberly Cote from Brock University in Canada reviewed the vast amount of psychological work into napping, and concluded that even the shortest of snoozes causes significant improvements in people's mood, reaction time, and alertness.So it's vital that you get rid of any lingering doubts about whether napping is a good use of your time.In fact, you should start to feel guilty if you are not taking a nap during the day.Chevron Paper Straws But first, it is important to know the optimum time to take it. The body's natural ‘circadian rhythms' affect our energy levels through the day, so it's best to time your nap for when there is a natural slump — which depends on the time you woke.
Years ago, the Manhattan-born comedian George Carlin would entertain fans with his original skit entitled "Baseball vs. Football." Carlin was able to compare the the polar opposites perfectly as he beautifully captured the simplicity and wonder of the game of baseball. "In baseball the object is to go home and be safe.wholesale cheap Coach Grade AAA Sunglasses from homepage.wholesale Dsquared Long Sleeve T-Shirts sale from homepage.tissue pape honeycomb I hope I'll be safe at home! Safe at home! I'm going home!" By laying out the complexity of football and the basic joy of baseball, Carlin unintentionally allowed fans of both sports to put each in their respective places in a time when football was overtaking the national game. This June will mark six years since George Carlin's death and as a tribute, we present to you a comparison of two other polar opposites. While this won't be close to George Carlin's level, we give you a comical contrast between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

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