Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pants Forgotten in Minn. Reach Groom in Costa Rica

The"pany isn't the first to market workout wear as office wear, but it may have a better gauge on what shoppers wants than its"petitors.canada goose jacket women Betabrand thinks of itself as a sort of "think-tank" for new clothing. It uses crowdsourcing to fund product development and gauge potential popularity. It also crowdsources designs and photography from its customers.From The Verge:New product ideas bubble up and get vetted by customers. And if something just isn't getting enough votes or attention, it dies right then and there.Betabrand began crowdsourcing financing for its dress pant yoga pants in January. Within a month, it had exceeded its funding goal by 850 percent and sold 2,000 pairs of pants.Typically, Betabrand's most popular items are those that blend gym wear and office attire. "The next frontier for performance clothing is the place folks spend eight to 10 hours a day," Betabrand CEO and co-founder Chris Lindland said. "People go to the gym all the time so why not have clothing that goes from the gym to the office." 

Betabrand also is taking orders for several styles of dress pant sweatpants and its classic executive hoodies, now available in pinstripe. And it's planning for more colors and fits of its popular yoga pants.Lululemon Women's PantsFor now, look for workplaces to start getting more casual in March, which is when Betabrand's dress yoga pants are scheduled to begin shipping. A Minnesota clothier spared no expense after a customer forgot his wedding pants in a changing room and flew off to get married in Costa Rica.FedEx, UPS and airline package services couldn't help, so Judd Frost put his 32-year-old daughter on a plane to hand-deliver the $500 tan gabardine suit pants, the Star Tribune reported After 11 hours of flying Sunday and a bumpy ride on back roads,Isuzu Auto Parts Jessie Frost reached the beachfront resort of Las Brisas, where Jason Anderson, 32, of Maple Grove, and Heather Spaeth, 32, were preparing for a destination wedding Monday.Neither the bride nor groom knew his pants were missing until Judd Frost reached the bride via Facebook on Sunday afternoon.Wholesale Lingerie Sexy Lingerie They were just as surprised to hear a special courier was en route from the high-end Judd Frost Clothiers in the Minneapolis suburb of Wayzata.Nike Air Max

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