Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What great experience

Experts predict a shortage of highly skilled workers and a bill in Congress known as the STEM Jobs Act would grant permanent residence to immigrants if they have advanced degrees in any of the STEM fields."As a matter of fact, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, hundreds of thousands of job vacancies in the U.welcome to high quality oakley Grade AAA sunglasses,Free shipping‎!S. and New York are going unfilled due to the lack of properly educated scientists and engineers," Kaloyeros said.At Kenmore East, academy students use the newest gadgets including iPads and 3D printers funded by the federal Carl D.bag suppliers Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Act. Because the district is repackaging existing courses,nike shox shoeshoneycomb party decoration there has been a negligible cost to the district."The district has been able to create these opportunities in-house for students while being sensitive to the financial times we're in," Maerten said.
About 200 students from various backgrounds are enrolled in Ken-Ton's academies. Teachers stepped up to learn new technology and curriculum standards.In Tom Koprevich's courses, students use 3D printers to create intricate objects from plastic after designing them on computers.Tissue Paper Honeycomb Ball wholesale After creating products such as a helmet-mounted camera and a system of interchangeable numbers for hockey helmets, students present them to a panel of engineers who provide feedback."When they walked out of here they really ran the gamut in these designs from beginning to end," Maerten said. "What great experience that most students wouldn't get until college."Students who meet all the requirements graduate with college credit earned at a reduced rate and a special endorsement on their diplomas.

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