Sunday, March 23, 2014

We went from nobody knowing what

Since moving to the Golfview community last August, living next to the sixth hole, the Lyles have taken to the area, thanks in part to Canongate, Orchard Hills, SummerGrove and White Oak golf courses, to name a few."This is great place for golf and the community around it is phenomenal," said Eliza Lyles.canada goose jacket womenRecently, Max Lyles organized a fundraiser to raise awareness for Marfan Syndrome, as the Lyles often find people haven't heard of the rare disorder. Lyles sold more than 400 golf balls he retrieved and cleaned out of the creek from tee shots gone awry. The family was overwhelmed by the response they received."The guys [in the golf clubhouse] ended up saying we need to organize an annual Marfan golf tournament," Eliza Lyles said. "We went from nobody knowing what it was to everyone talking about a golf tournament.Forklift forks That's amazing."
Max Lyles, now in fifth grade at The Heritage School, has lived in multiple places in his young life, but his mother knows Newnan was the right decision for the family. Now, her son never wants to leave."Max always says, ‘I'm never leaving Newnan,Isuzu Auto Parts Newnan is my home.' And I felt that [during the golf ball fundraiser]. It renewed my spirit and solidified our choice to come to Newnan.""His nickname here is Textbook," said Orioles manager Buck Showalter, who appreciates Hardy's defense far more than the bat that last year produced 25 home runs and earned the 31-year-old a Silver Slugger Award.Hardy doesn't often make the plays that show up on the nightly highlight show. But if the Orioles are lined up at double-play depth and Hardy gets his hands on a grounder, Baltimore will get those two outs quicker than you can say 6-4-3.Lululemon Women's Pants"I've never been flashy," Hardy said. "I feel like if I make an error trying to be flashy,Nike Air Max I'm about as embarrassed as I can possibly be."

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