Tuesday, March 25, 2014

When he has his fill

When he has his fill, he discards her like the tissue paper and moves on. Another one comes along and goes as far as introducing her to his family and then zooms off off when she thinks they have somthing going. She tries a younger man, let's him use her cars which he also deploys to taking his sweet 16s to the movies. He worships her but even trying hard to keep the juice flowing, he is done sucking out the juice of her orange and throws her away.honeycomb paper ballsTruth is, a single-and-desperately-searching-senior-babe goes through so much. Her self esteem is left battered. The men walking through her life leave her damaged. And for as long as she is determined to settle down by fire or by force, she's easy prey and vulnerable. The predators would keep coming around to milk her.honeycomb party decoration
Yes, getting married is good. Marriage itself is a good thing once you get the bone of your bones but if you are unlucky to end up with someone else's bone stuck in your throat, you will gasp all the way to your grave or wheel chair. There is nothing wrong in wanting a man by your side,cheap ralph lauren polo shirts in your bed, one you can call your own with a license to prove it and a certificate of occupying for good measure,wholesale Coach Grade Sunglasses from www.gotoptrade.com homepage. but if you buy the wrong property, you cannot occupy it or you do so at the risk of a broken life. And that is why every mature babe should avoid the desperate zone. It is in every woman's path, some get married before they get there, others must pass through it. In other words, take charge because it is your life. When you take a wrong turn in the road, always remember that you are in the driver's seat. You can stop and mope and you can choose to turn and make a fresh start. Do not allow men to turn you into a ping pang ball or even a topic over their evening beer. I admit that it is easier said and done especially when menopause is starring at you in the face.wholesale Best Dsquared Long T-Shirts from www.gotoptrade.com homepage. But never forget that the same process gets you pregnant and even HIV.

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