Monday, March 17, 2014

Barbara Hinrichsen

Barbara Hinrichsen is the owner of The Theatre Co. in Upland. Her massive warehouse is home to 155,000 costumes as well as small accessories like gloves and tiaras. Her business caters to the party animal in everyone, but every February and March business increases a bit to accommodate the love of monogram multicolore price"We're busy all year, but, yes, business involving everything Hollywood increases at Oscar time," Hinrichsen said. "People like putting parties together in their homes, getting dressed up, planning menus around movie themes, just like I used to do. But I'm an actor and director, too,paper balls in addition to The Theatre Co. so I don't do those home parties anymore. They're too much like work," she joked.
The company's phone starts ringing at the beginning of the year with inquiries about nominated movies, outfits and accessories. Costume rentals range from $30 to $65 for a full costume with reservations taken a month in advance. You can get costumes at the last minute,productsforparty but no alterations can be done.Halloween remains the busiest time of the year, but Hinrichsen said she caters to parties and special events all year long and there's something about Hollywood, beyond awards season, that people never seem to get tired of celebrating."People like to dress up like old-time Hollywood or to reflect the nominated movies," she said. "People love to put out the red carpet and have people take photos of them like the paparazzi.Authentic Replica lv monogram vernis handbags For the night of your party, you're the star."Nikki Yep of Event Solutions in Santa Monica provides full event planning and catering,louis vuitton monogram canvas bags specializing in corporate parties, but it has also been involved with movie premieres and large special events. It is not handling any of this year's Academy Awards parties.

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