Monday, March 17, 2014

Battle to the death

But it concerned a fairytale, and that was relevance enough. Irish Six Nations titles of any kind are rare.wholesale Coach Grade Sunglasses sale from homepage. Titles – or even games – won in Paris border on miraculous.And in this case, there was the added marvel of what it meant to the legend of one Irish player in particular.Saturday's game wasn't all about Brian O'Driscoll. But in this most symmetrical of cities, the way he had just book-ended his career was a thing of architectural beauty. It finished for him in Paris as it began, with a two-point win.Forklift forks He didn't score the hat-trick of tries this time – Johnny Sexton and Andrew Trimble had to do that for him.But the overall effect was near enough perfection. Maybe the French should erect matching statues of him on either side of the Pont Neuf to mark his achievements here.If only the game itself had been as enjoyable as the celebrations that followed. There was a heady moment midway through the second half, with Ireland nine points up, the home fans silent, and the Fields of Athenry ringing around the Stade de France, when it looked as if,Chevron Paper Straws for once, supporters' fingernails would be spared.
The more optimistic among us thought that, along with the public transport system, the home team's defence was about to be thrown open to visitors, and that we might have the freedom of the pitch for the last quarter. Of course, that didn't happen.We should have known beforehand, when the band of the French Foreign Legion played the anthems, that the game would be a battle to the death. So it proved, all the excruciating way to the final whistle.honeycomb paper ballsIn the immediate aftermath,Our store can offer Dsquared Long T-Shirts cheap price, welcome choose! the mood in the stands was as much relief as joy, with many green-shirted supporters having to unwrench their guts before getting into party mode. They made up for it later, riding the free trains back into town on a mission to liberate the city of its beer supplies.

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