Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The unexpectedly close race

The unexpectedly close race raised tensions in a country still sharply divided between left and right more than two decades after the civil war ended with peace accords.An angry Quijano, 67, accused the election tribunal of corruption and hinted at foul play."We are not going to allow fraud ...paper honeycomb balls decorations. We are 100 percent convinced that we have won," he told his supporters. "Our armed forces are watching this process."Sanchez Ceren, who was forced into the run-off after falling just short of a first-round victory last month, celebrated with his supporters late on Sunday night."We won the first round, and now we have won again in the second,Buy cheap Coach Grade Sunglasses, Custom Fit Stripe Shirt and more.Custom Gaming Headset" he said. "We have to keep working against poverty ... The people have decided to continue along the road of change."
The election tribunal earlier said Sanchez Ceren's lead was undisputable but stopped short of declaring him the winner, saying it needed to complete a formal count and study challenges to individual ballots. It was not clear how long that would take.Sanchez Ceren won 49 percent in the first round of voting last month,Custom 6 Buttons Gaming Mousepaper drinking straws wholesale about 10 percentage points ahead of Quijano from the right-wing Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena) party.Although that wasn't enough to avoid a run-off, Sanchez Ceren was in a strong position ahead of Sunday's vote and polls showed him as the clear favorite with about 55 percent support.Quijano picked up support from moderate conservatives in the last month, however, by painting Sanchez Ceren as a communist with blood on his hands who would drag El Salvador hard to the left.

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