Monday, March 10, 2014

Milhiser tries to plan

"With so many DIY and Pinterest sites there are all kinds of ideas for parties you can host at home and you can do that without having to spend a lot of money," Darrenkamp said."We offer plenty of top hats, tiaras,Paper Tissue Honeycomb Balls boas and other glamorous accessories that you can put on and have your photos taken. The idea is to have fun and I think now that the economy is coming back a bit,Authentic Replica LV Men Handbags people want to party.louis vuitton damier canvas handbags"Laurie Milhiser of Ontario and a group of her friends have been putting on Academy Awards viewing parties for years; she has collected and saved the themed items."I have a lot of decorations I've accumulated during the years," Milhiser said. "I have a poster I hang in our entryway that looks like a red carpet leading to something. And I use folded red tablecloths to create the image of walking from the entryway into the poster. I have stuff that hangs on the walls — mostly photos of cameras.Honeycomb Tissue Balls And I have some three-dimensional things that look like lights that I hang around. I think I have just about everything they sell."
Milhiser tries to plan the food segment of the party around the films nominated, so this year she's thinking of doing something with corn to honor "Nebraska" and red meat for "The Wolf of Wall Street.Long Sleeve T-Shirts" For entertainment, her fellow Hollywood lover Virginia Riley prints ballots and partygoers bet on the outcomes."Anyway, we have fun," she said. "The guests are pretty much the same as those who come to our Super Bowl party. It's kind of football for the guys, Oscars for the girls. We start early enough to check out the red carpet entrance to see the dresses and go from there."

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