Tuesday, March 18, 2014

While the wheat and corn

While the wheat and corn are grown mainly in the threatened eastern part of the country, the rapeseed is produced mainly in the west, so is not (yet) threatened by Russian acquisitiveness.Up to 60 per cent of Ukraine's output of wheat and corn is exported while 95 per cent of rapeseed is shipped abroad. Disruption, especially of grain exports, would have "severe repercussions" for the global grain market, the bank says.Here's another cruncher: there are just a few months before the wheat harvest is due.Buy buy cheap Lululemon Outerwear Yoga Clothes, Custom Fit Stripe Shirt and more. Unavailability of Ukrainian grain is not what Europeans would like to see.paper drinking straws wholesaleThis past week we have seen what the Commonwealth Bank termed "massive speculative investor and fund" buying of wheat positions, all pushing the prices higher.
Food prices do, indeed, pose a threat to the global economy -- and global stability (remember the food riots in Tunisia and Egypt that brought down those governments). As of last week, coffee prices have risen 78 per cent since January 1, sugar by 23 per cent and soybeans by 11 per cent.China Hydraulic Dirt Buckt Now wheat prices are on the march.Meanwhile, we have the volatility in the iron ore market and some turmoil at the London Metal Exchange with copper sagging at one point last week to $US6453 a tonne, a 44-month low.Abercrombie Cap-AF30048 Bonded stocks of copper at the Shanghai Futures Exchange are, ominously, up more than 250,000 tonnes since the beginning of the year.Lead is down almost 9 per cent this year and touched a 34-week low last week. The one star of the LME show is nickel,Custom LOL Assassins Taipei pure cotton hoody up 13.5 per cent since January 1. But you wouldn't want to be holding a handful of nickel futures contracts if Jakarta suddenly reverses its export clamp, quite possible if the Indonesians begin to panic about their export earnings.

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